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Layout Presets28
Filter and display custom post type, custom taxonomy, custom fields.
Live front-end filtering, search, and sort (by category, tag, custom taxonomy, custom field, keyword search) for any post type.
Display multiple post types in one show/shortcode (e.g: display posts, pages, products, portfolio in a layout).
Turn any layout into an isotope(shuffle) filter.
Even and masonry for the grid.
Create and display unlimited shows (multiple shows can be added to pages or anywhere you like).
Design beyond limit without writing CSS.
Ajax number, Load more, Infinite scrolling pagination.
Filter and display Woocommerce products (recent, on sale, best-selling, featured, top-rated, out of stock, many more, etc.).
Work great with different Page Builders like Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, ThemeFusion, Beaver Builder, Site Origin, etc.
Supports ACF, WooCommerce, EDD, CPT UI, The Events Calendar, Events Manager, Pods, Toolset, WPML, Polylang, Membership, and many more.
Isotope(shuffle) filter posts by taxonomy terms.
The search field on the isotope or any layout.
Content excerpt, limit, and full content display option.
12 Social sharing media, alignment, margin. icon shape, custom color, and many more.
Carousel controls for carousel layout with numerous options.1230
Sticky posts (normal position, top of the list, hide sticky posts).
Include, exclude (current post, password-protected posts, children posts).
Include (select specific posts), exclude post or page by ID, title (enter post IDs, or type to search by title).
Limit the number of total items to display.
Offset options (number of items to skip from first).
Filter by a category, tags, author, status, keyword, etc.
Filter by custom taxonomy, custom fields.
Filter by date (today, future, custom date, custom year, specific: date, month, year; specific period(from & to), many more, etc).
Sort by ID, Title, Date, Modified date, post in (drag & drop), post slug, post type, random, custom field, comment count, page order (menu order), author, most liked, most viewed.
Taxonomy operator (IN, AND, NOT IN) and query post with relation (AND, OR).
Taxonomy ordering.
Responsive column settings and the margin between columns.
6 Content orientations (default classic, left image, the right image, overlay, card, overlay box), and 8 positions.26
Border, border-radius, box-shadow, background, inner padding, content padding, and many more.
The margin for every content field (thumbnail, title, meta fields, content, social share, custom fields).
30+ Animation types for the overlay content on hover.
Overlay content visibility: always & on hover and overlay color type (solid & gradient).
Thumbnail show/hide, available sizes, custom size with soft & hard cropping, margin, image source, border, border-radius, zoom effect, image mode (grayscale).
Title show/hide, title HTML tag select, title character limit, margin, etc.
Meta fields show/hide, author, date, taxonomy, comment count, view count, like, reading time.29
Meta icons (all font-awesome icons available) and meta separator options (normal space, full stop, straight line, slash, backslash).
Select which taxonomy to show in meta fields and set position: beside other meta, above title, below the title.
Content show/hide, content excerpt, an excerpt with limit, full content, HTML tags (allow all, strip all, allow some).
Exclude content of specific HTML tags in the excerpt.
Show/hide the read more button, label, color, radius.
Live filter options (filter type: dropdown, radion, button; label, hide empty terms, show post count, alignment, etc.).
Show/hide content fields (thumbnail, title, content, meta fields, social share, custom fields).
Change the display order of all the content fields (thumbnail, title, content, meta fields, social share, custom fields).
Set custom size (custom width, custom height) for thumbnail.
Image mode (grayscale), zoom effects.
Popup Preview (Single popup and multi popup).
Carousel mode (standard, center, ticker).
Carousel autoplay, speed, pause on hover, infinite loop, lazy load, transition effect, slide (s) to scroll, and many more settings.
Navigation show/hide, 8 positions, arrow icon size, color, and hover color.
Pagination show/hide, color, type, and dynamic pagination.
Carousel adaptive height, touch-swipe, mouse draggable, tab & keyboard.
Supports Right to Left (RTL).
Detail page link type (popup, single page, none).
Popup type (single and multi popup preview with navigation).
Popup width & height and change popup content, overlay, background color.
Show/Hide all content fields in the popup.
Typography Settings (font family, weight, margin, text-align, text-transform, letter spacing, colors, etc.).
Advanced settings, scripts & styles enqueue and dequeue options.
Accessibility settings for blind people.
Custom CSS and JS fields.
Automatic update through activated license key.
Top-notch One to One support from the expert engineers.
And much more robust features!DownloadBuy Now